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Tour De Bloc HFX Men’s Finals

March 1st, 2010 pulldown No comments

Valentines Day in Halifax, NS has been traditionally marked with the Valentines Day Massacre climbing competition at Ground Zero Climbing Gym. This year things were a bit different. The Massacre was married with the local Tour De Bloc event, and what an event! The pool of strong climbers was larger this year with the return of Ben Blakney and Krissy Lunney to Halifax after an extended leave from the Nova Scotia scene. Locals Ben and Nate Smith and Chris Richardson have also improved dramatically over the past year and a contingent of climbers from New Brunswick upped the anti on this year comp. With the amazing features from Bolo Climbing Holds and the excellent route setting by the Ground Zero crew and Ghislain Losier, this year proved to be the best comp yet.

Coming out of the qualifying round the top Eight climbers in the Men’s Open division were:

  1. Eric Sethna
  2. Chris Richardson
  3. Ben Smith
  4. Ben Blakney
  5. Liam Paull
  6. Nathan Smith
  7. Sean McDonah
  8. Ian Whittaker

Going into the finals it looked like it could be anyone’s game. Ben smith went into the finals strong but was recovering from an illness (probably ate a bad squirrel) and didn’t have enough in the reserve tank to reclaim the WBF (World Bouldering Federation) belt this year and for a while it looked like younger brother Nathan would outshine him. Chris Richardson and Ben Blakney also had an excellent showings in the finals but Chris flashed the second problem bumping him into first place running.
The big surprise was outsider Eric Sethna. It’s rumored this young gun has been crushing at comps all through the east and Halifax was no exception. Eric was able to pull through a tiny crimper on  the third problem to get the finishing hold and was the only climber to get all four finals problems solidifying his first place win.

Men’s Final Results
1. Eric Sethna
2. Chris Richardson
3. Ben Blakney

Special thanks to Scott Richardson and Trevor Schellinck for assisiting the Pull Down Production team in producing the Tour De Bloc videos.

Tour De Bloc, Women’s Finals Halifax

February 23rd, 2010 pulldown No comments

Highlights from the women’s finals round at the Halifax Tour De Bloc held at Ground Zero Climbing Gym.