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Gibralter Rock Bouldering Guide

October 30th, 2010 Luke No comments

Well, here it is.  Gibralter Rock Bouldering guide.

It’s a start, but theres so much more bouldering to document in Musquodoboit, so hopefully, if we get positive feedback and people actually end up using this, we’ll keep adding more.
You can download this .pdf and either print it off, or simply download it to your phone or whatever.
Thanks to Mark Maas, Chris Eager, Todd Foster, and Dan Freeman for all your help.
Directions and a map are included in the file.     Enjoy!
Download the guide :     Gibralter Rock Bouldering Guide.             ( Scroll down and hit the big red DOWNLOAD button.)
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Attack of the Pads

May 14th, 2010 scooter No comments

These Organic Pads are becoming a familiar site here in NS. Last night a small crew (Keith, Jess, NathanB and Scooter) headed to Chebucto Head for a little night session. Out of the five pads in attendance, four were Organic! The temperatures were near perfect with a cool breeze keeping the bugs out-of-sight. Some problems that saw ascents were the classic 8 inches (aka Slot Problem), Tough Sailors and Adrenaline Junkie.

After playing around for a while on the Twin Sisters area we headed to Fynnished just a bit further down the coast. By then we were climbing in the dark and making very little progress! That thing is Hard!!

Keep cool.

Nathan B working Tough Sailors

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Tour De Bloc, Women’s Finals Halifax

February 23rd, 2010 pulldown No comments

Highlights from the women’s finals round at the Halifax Tour De Bloc held at Ground Zero Climbing Gym.

Dot CAs. Be proud.

January 24th, 2010 pulldown 1 comment

I know there are a lot of climbers out there that are big fans of Classified.
Just though I would share.

Sweetspots Night Sessions

March 19th, 2009 pulldown No comments

MEC has launched a Youtube channel where you can watch lots of outdoor videos and a new highlight reel from the Sweet Spots contest featuring some footage from “Night Sessions“. It’s dark, like really dark.

Many thanks to all our members who participated in MEC’s first annual Sweet Spots Outdoor Video Contest. Here is a collection of our favourite clips from the many hours of 2008 footage
we received. Get stoked for your next paddling, skiing, climbing, hiking or cycling adventure!

Godzilla Boulder

March 7th, 2009 pulldown No comments

From deep down in the basement of Pull Down Productions, emerges a terrifying monster.
The Godzilla boulder is probably one of the largest boulders in the Land of Confusion, but it’s definitely the biggest with the fewest problems on it. I filmed this video on a late winter trip deep into the LOC. I’m not sure what the name or even the grade of the problem is. This may be the first ascent but it’s hard to say. It’s location means it is rarely visited.

Godzilla Boulder from Todd Foster on Vimeo.

Music by: Zeropage

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Ground Zero Sneak Peek

December 30th, 2008 pulldown No comments

Just before Christmas the Grotto crew were back in the soon to be opened, new and improved, Ground Zero Climbing Gym to lend a hand. The main part of the bouldering cave is finished. To give you an idea of how big it is, Craig spent the better part of the night hanging holds and it only looks like a spattering of holds were put up.
Mick had his still camera there and captured a small video clip.

LOC Trail Maintenance

December 24th, 2008 pulldown No comments

Most trails in the Land Of Confusion are a lot like those magic eye posters – it doesn’t look like there’s anything there until someone points it out to you (and even then it can be hard to find). Climb Nova Scotia has been interested in improving access to the LOC for a while, so after an exploratory mission last weekend, Todd and I returned with some lumber yesterday. The plan is to build walkways along some of the wetter bits and cut back the brush that grows over and obscures the trails. Hopefully better paths will mean less bushwhacking and fewer lost climbers in the surrounding sensitive wetlands.

Mick Levin
CNS President

Ground Zero Climbing Gym Update

December 16th, 2008 pulldown 1 comment
Original bouldering area concept

Original bouldering area concept

In late October Nova Scotia’s original commercial climbing gym closed it’s doors in preparation for a major upgrade. Sean Therien the owner of Ground Zero Climbing Gym has been working steadily on moving his facility to a larger location. The new local is two and a half times longer and an added four feet higher. At first the extra height doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’re at the top in the Jeanie lift it sure looks a lot higher.

I know that everyone is anxious to see the  the new facility opened, so the regular Grotto  (my basement home wall) crew gave up an evening of hard core crancking to lend a hand. Sean had already made a great deal of progress and after a night of framing, hanging panels and putting up holds we are even closer to seeing the doors open. There is no definite date for opening but it all goes well it could be as early as late December.

hanging pannel

hanging panel

The bouldering area

The bouldering area

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MEC Sweetspots gift card givaway

December 8th, 2008 pulldown No comments


Now that the voting is over for the MEC Sweetspots contest and the winners have been announced MEC is giving the viewers a chance to win.

Are you an MEC member? If you join MEC before

December 31, 2008 and opt-in to receive future

emails from us, you’ll have a chance to win a

$250 MEC gift card. A lifetime membership is only $5.


Already a member? Simply update your member record

with this email address, and opt-in to receive emails

from us, to be entered in the draw.


Thanks for all your support in helping Night Session to win third place. All three winning videos can been seen on the MEC website

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