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First time for everything:

January 28th, 2009 Rockmaster No comments

Rockmaster climbing below the Rose Blanche Lighthouse

Rockmaster climbing below the Rose Blanche Lighthouse

Well it’s happening, is up and I’m excited to see where it is going to go. A couple months ago I went on a climbing trip to Newfoundland with Todd Foster and he tossed an idea out, asking if I wanted to be a contributor to I laughed at the idea for a couple of reasons. English is definitely not my strong point… Do I have something to say that the climbing community in Nova Scotia and across the country would want to read and/or enjoy? Do I even have a writing style; serious, comedic, informative, who knows, I’ve never done anything like this before. But I do know that I have a true passion for climbing and I hope in time as grows I will be able to convey that through my contributions.

I’ve been climbing for almost ten years, over roulette online this time I have done a bit of traveling; Hueco Tanks Texas, Bishop California, and Acadia National Park Maine, to name a few. I’ve been through the classic ups and downs of climbing. The time off because of injuries or when life is just too crazy hectic. But I keep coming back. And I sometimes ask myself why… Am I a glutton for pain and punishment?? Possibly… Are my feet so ugly that I feel the need to punish them by squeezing into shoes that are two sizes too small?? Not likely… Maybe it’s knowing that if you fail it is your fault. Not your team mate who didn’t make that pass, or score that goal. Or is it the satisfaction derived from knowing YOU just accomplished something, something that challenged you in a way that nothing in your “normal” routine of life every will. Maybe it’s the camaraderie found in our weird and twisted social group we call the climbing community. For what ever reason I find over time if I don’t get some sort of climbing at the gym or out side I act like a heroine addict looking for a fix. Irritable, nervous ticks, waking up in a cold sweat wishing I was on the last move of some problem.

Sandy Cove update:

September 11th, 2008 Rockmaster No comments

I noticed Rich’s post on the Climb Eastern Canada forum about bouldering in Sandy Cove. It just so happened that I was going camping out that way so Heather and I went to check it out.

You can see the boulders from a distance and they look very good. Then as you get close they don’t disappoint. I was surprised by the quantity of large, heavily featured, boulders in a very concentrated area. It made for some very casino uk online good climbing, ranging from V0 to as hard as you climb.

Pulling off choss

Like any new area there is some choss; thin flakes break and sometimes you will find large pillows of basalt, loose and easy to remove, so be careful.

The climbing in Sandy Cove is very different then anything we have in the Halifax, Peggy’s Cove area. I definitely recommend it to everyone to go check out. Make sure you plan for a full weekend trip and take advantage of the time you have because you won’t have enough time to climb everything. Anyone interested in going let me know and I will join you or at least lay down the 411.


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